Scion's Blood

Trouble is brewing all over Firma.


Three years have passed since Rokey and his companions saved the Brotherhood of the Noble Contemplative from infiltration by the evil Order of the Bone. In the kingdom of Duncileer, palace unrest and the threat of war rattle the peace of mind of the gentle giant, Lorq, his wife Kyzee and their two-year-old son, Broq. Fia, feeling restless, has arrived from the distant pleasure realm of Respite. When a plot to murder King Hobar unfolds, Kyzee, now captain of the King's Guard, is caught up in a web of betrayal and intrigue that will ripple throughout the land.


Meanwhile, in the elf forest where they've settled, Rokey and Flaskamper are encountering some serious bumps in the road to marital bliss. Flaskamper is battling feelings of despondency and suffocation, and Rokey, unable to communicate with him, has buried himself in his studies with the High Elf Mage, Ellispon. When the two decide to separate, it gives Rokey's enemies in the Order of the Bone the opportunity they've been waiting for . They abduct him from Elfwood and whisk him away to their stronghold in the north, intent on sacrificing him in order to achieve the goal for which they've worked so long – the return of their living god, Cyure.


Now Flaskamper, joined once again by his old friends, as well as some new companions, must embark on a journey to rescue Rokey, as well as see if they can recover the love that first brought the two of them together. Once again the journey takes them to the east, this time to the dark and danger-filled kingdom of Ulgiarrah, then north through the haunted forest of Gloomsveldt, to Moribar, their enemy's seat of power. But time is against them. The sacrifice is to take place at the rising of the next new moon. As they battle to overcome one hindrance after another, Flaskamper becomes more and more desperate to reach his true love before it is too late to save his life, their love … perhaps even Firma itself.